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Grass Seed Mat

Grass Seed Mat

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Looking For The Perfect Grass For Your Garden or Lawn?

Our biodegradable Grass Seed Mat is your new all-in-one growing solution that makes everything easier. All you need is to roll out the mat on your preferred surface, water it thoroughly, and watch it grow in about five weeks! 

Benefits & Features

  • KEEP YOUR LAWN GREEN - No need for expensive seed! Our biodegradable lawn seed mats will cover bare soil and create a suitable growing environment for your seeds to germinate and grow flawlessly.

  • SIMPLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - Our Restorative Volume Growth System is simple to use and stays green even in a strong shade or scorching sunlight.

  • "ALL-IN-ONE" BIODEGRADABLE SEED MATS - Designed for sun, shade, and snow: our mats are perfect for any climate or condition.

It’s perfect for all lawns, no matter what climate it is! It produces fast germination and uniform growth.


  • Material: non-woven filament polyester
  • Size: width 20cm/7.87"; length 10m/393.70"
  • Garden use: ground cover
  • Type: Warm season
  • Planting substrate: no soil
  • Gram weight: 0.161kg
  • Color: green

Package contains

1 X Grass Seed Mat (3M X 0.2M) 
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